L.S. SOLUTIONS want's to meet the needs of our customers, so we have created the following option.

We provide a service that includes consultation/ IKEA 3D design/ suggestion/ recommendations. We'll go to your house and take detailed measurement of the kitchen room. Then discuss your ideas, needs and wishes. Our goal is to make you ideas reality; however, we'll let you know what will work and won't work based on the IKEA 3D design perspective, product knowledge and experience.

IKEA kitchens are a great product; however, they are a bit limited for triky walls, room obstacles, angle walls, etc. We make IKEA kitchens unlimited by bringing solutions to any challenge. We like challenges and do not cut corners.

The IKEA kitchen consultation takes about 1-2 hours. We will present you the IKEA 3D design and estimate within 6 business days.

Once you have the IKEA 3D design, you'll have a chance to review it. There may be some adjustments needed, which we'll gladly take care of. Once we agree that the IKEA 3D design is final, and there is no need for changes, we'll consider it finalized. We will provide you the next steps to order the IKEA kitchen materials.

The fee for the IKEA kitchen consultation is $250.00 + tax**, If you decide to hire us to assemble and install your IKEA kitchen; we will use $100.00 from your fee towards your kitchen installation. If your kitchen installation project is more then $2000.00 we will give you a discount of $100.00

The IKEA kitchen consultation fee must be pay on the same day. 

If you have an IKEA 3D design and just want an estimate please send us the IKEA 3D design by email or provide us your user name and password.

Extra Services: We also offer installation of PAX systems.

For further questions regarding any of our services contact us: 

by e-mail: lee@lskitchenspecialist.com
Telephone: 647.287.3264

All of our work is guaranteed.

** Price subject to change according to your location

***Our company is independent from any brand, we are not affiliated with any store, association or company.



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