L.S. SOLUTIONS was established as a response to the needs of the market. Its founder, Lee Sanchez, a former IKEA kitchen planner, felt the market needed a company that would offer friendly, efficient and detailed service. Lee started the journey in 2005 by opening L.S. SOLUTIONS.

Lee listens to customers' needs and offers effective suggestions and solutions. With his Ikea kitchen planning experience, and his finishing carpentry skills, customers have been delighted with the easy process of an kitchen installation. 

L.S. SOLUTIONS has become a successful company through dedication and customer satisfaction. Lee’s charismatic outlook and quick thinking have helped to resolve complex problems during kitchen installations.

Projects run smoothly because Lee will assist you with the IKEA 3D design, using his kitchen planning experience.  By offering this service we are able to minimize discrepancies in the planning phase, and during the installation. L.S. SOLUTIONS offers high quality workmanship and customer service for a reasonable price.
We can provide references, if requested, because we understand you are investing your hard earned money and require a serious contractor.

Telephone: 647.287.3264

***Our company is independent from any brand, we are not affiliated with any store, association or company.



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